Muzeum Miasta Krakowa

Bite of me

Oliwia Michniewska, Marta Żmija

The exhibition is a story about the traces left in the city of Crakow by warfare. We move around the city with witnesses who relate their memories. Each story at the exhibition represents one hero and related to this story documents, iconographic materials and artifacts. Items are the silent representators of the story, and the titular traces reveal themselves in the form of markings on bunkers, a railway ramp or bullet marks.
The arrangement was inspired by the city, whose irregularity and historical diversity builds its tissue. The gray color of the walls and concrete pedestals are the background for the content and photos. Handwritten titles draw attention to the personal nature of the stories presented. The portraits of the heroes begin each story. Artifacts are presented in an "ordered chaos", which refers to the diverse urban fabric.
Within the space of the exhibition, a "cinema" has been separated, where you can listen to the stories of the heroes. Moreover, they were made available in the form of QR codes. The main arrangement element of the exhibition is an art installation "torn out of the city tissue" by one of the exhibition heroes. It "draws" the viewer into the exhibition space and encourages them to explore the remaining traces on their own.