Thoughts that have changed the world

Wzorro Design

Marshal's Office of the Lodz Voivodeship

Katarzyna Wolny

Studio Latawiec

The exhibition “Thoughts that have changed the world” introduces stories behind the creation of every-day items. The exhibition shows how good ideas emerged, who and what thought was behind them. The goal of the exhibition is to show that the products are a result of many years of search, research and hard work, as well as constant testing, checking and improving, something that many users aren’t really aware of. The exhibition shows implementations that permanently entered the canon of design, such as Michael Thonet’s bentwood chairs, and projects that significantly influenced other products or changed the way both designers and users think, such as the Billy bookcase or Harry Beck's London Tube map. There were also titbits for children in word balloons located in the exhibition space. The stories were illustrated by vintage photographs and labelled with slogans explaining the essence of the ideas.

Wzorro Design was the curator of the exhibition and responsible for arranging it. The exhibition was part of the Design Thinking Festival in Lodz.