The Princely Estate in Pszczyna through the Photo Lens

Muzeum Zamkowe w Pszczynie


Magdalena Szklarczyk-Kominko

RedKnife Films

The exhibition "The Princely Estate in Pszczyna through teh Photo Lens" depicts the life of the court in Pszczyna before the outbreak of the First World War. Everyday activities of the family and services are presented in photographs taken by the court cook.
The exhibition was divided into zones corresponding to the favorite places of the princely family and the whole court. The first one depicts both sumptuous parties and children's games in the garden. The original garden furniture is presented against the background of large-format photographs, on which they were immortalized in their glory days. The next zone is the interior of the rooms of the prince's family and chambers prepared for special guests of the court, including the emperor and the empress. Further sections are devoted to the functioning of the service at the court and the surroundings of the Castle, ie the park and the Promnice castle. Tonally changing colors on the walls "lead" visitors from one zone to the next. The objects accompanying the photographs "come out" from archival photographs and are authentic witnesses of history. Thanks to the loupes located in the exhibition space, you can see the details of the photos.
Photographs are the source of inspiration for the visual identification of the exhibition. Graphic elements and shapes that create the background for archival photos are photos drawn from photographs that can be found in the architrave of buildings and in the details of interior design elements.