The Musuem of the Duke's Brewery in Tychy

Tyskie Brovarium


Ewa Kucharska, Katarzyna Wolny

Radosław Kaźmierczak

The Musuem of the Duke's Brewery in Tychy is a unique location in Poland – a boutique museum presenting brewing traditions of Tyskie Browary Książęce (Tychy Brewery). Marking 10 years of its existence, the exposition took on a new brilliance.

The exposition was divided into several theme areas. The space dedicated to the history of beer and the Tychy Brewery neighbours on the area displaying beer packaging and the way they are produced. Another zone tells the story of pubs and the beer culture and the last one is solely dedicated to the Tyskie brand. We designed tables presenting collections of beer labels and coaster and a conveyor-belt-like construction which the visitors set in motion by turning a knob to display a chronological presentation of Tyskie beer labels over the years. The table presenting the beer coasters is rotating and equipped with magnifying glasses enabling the visitors to examine the details. Large photographs of brewers at work and social life in pubs and inns serve as the background of the exhibition.