The history of the Tyskie beer brand

Tyskie Browarium


Radosław Kaźmierczak

We prepared the History of Tyskie exhibition in cooperation with Tyskie Brovarium for the Beer Fest 2014. It presented the history of one of the oldest beer brands in Poland in a 150-square-metre event tent. The structure of the presentation was based on over 300 beer crates contrastingly complemented by over 40 square metres of plywood. The exhibition was divided into three parts. There were stands presenting the whole process – from beer brewing to bottling. Illustrations and photographs picturing the process that hasn’t changed throughout the centuries served as the background for the presentations held at the stands. A timeline including many exhibits connected with the history of the Tyskie beer formed a central part of the exhibition. The third part was a vast collection of beer accessories: bottles, glasses, mugs, labels and coasters.