The Castle Museum in Pszczyna

Muzeum Zamkowe w Pszczynie


Magdalena Szklarczyk-Kominko

The main assumption of the new visual identification of the Castle Museum in Pszczyna is to give a modern image of a renowned museum institution, while respecting its recognition. The new identification – on the one hand, shows the most important values ​​for the institution – caring for local heritage and culture, but also signals openness to social and cultural changes. The main symbol of the Castle Museum in Pszczyna is a simplified silhouette of one of the Castle's facades. The next two signs are the silhouettes of the buildings that are part of the Museum – the Prince's Stables and the Promnice Hunting Castle. The sign of the residence is the superior sign – it identifies the Castle Museum as an institution and a building at the same time. If, however, we are talking about the Princely Stables or the Promnice Castle, we place their symbols next to the parent sign – the sign of the residence and the sign of the Princely Stables or Promnice. All signs form a harmonious family of graphically coherent, simplified symbols. This action allows you to expand the family with new elements. The signs can function independently as well as as a set. The main goal of the project was to enable the use of the Museum's identification in various media, both traditional and new, e.g. social media. Simple forms of solids and clear typography make the new visual identification of the Castle Museum in Pszczyna meet the above requirement. It is possible to print the sign on a small scale and implement it on a variety of media, using a variety of technologies such as embroidery, printing and web display.