Silesian dinner

Marcin Krater


Paweł Zając

The set of crockery for regional dishes was designed as part of a Master’s diploma project. The decoration was inspired by traditional Silesian embroidery.

The dishes are made of high-quality porcelite and glazed in white with a gloss finish. The decorations were chosen according to the size and the function of a given dish. The shapes are simple and synthetic and the dishes are thick and durable which contributes to the feeling of “solidity”. The white glaze constitutes the background for the refined drawings and the served food. The black decorations do not compete with the food but complement it.  The decorated dishes and the presentation of the food contribute to the new and attractive image of Silesian cuisine. The additional strength of the project is the fact that it was realized in Silesia and hence possesses the traits of a regional product. The project was realized in cooperation with Bogdan Kossak’s ceramics studio.