Rondo Sztuki 2007-2017 10 +

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Katowicach / Rondo Sztuki


Mateusz Mioduszewski

Atelier S10

The exhibition "Rondo Sztuki 2007-2017 10 +" is based on the slogans of an anecdote - interaction - history - past / future. It shows the decade of gallerie’s activity. The exhibition is like an ivy going out of the gallery and spreading around the club Kingdom. The main part of the exhibition - installation in the middle is a metaphorical representation of the fields of culture that the Rondo Sztuki has been occupied for the last ten years. The Rondo Sztuki was opened in March 2007 as a gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The controversial building of steel and glass has since then been filled with art, design, music, literature, photography and comics. Over the first decade of its activity, more than 200 exhibitions, 71 concerts, 64 meetings with contemporary writers, 22 meetings with the most interesting Polish photographers and 8 design presentations have been performed here.

Curators of the exhibition: WZORRO DESIGN (Natalia Jakóbiec, Katarzyna Pełka, Marcin Krater) & Adrian Chorębała