Design workshop:

Katarzyna Pełka, Marcin Krater


Jędrzej Stelmaszek

The seat was designed for public spaces during the workshop Dobry Tydzień Projektanta 2013 (Designer’s Good Week) organized by Dobroteka in Dobrodzień. The prototype was produced in the Piotr Kler Atelier.

The object consists of a base element –the seat – which can be complemented with additional parts – upholstered screens/backrests of various heights and a table. The screens enable the subtle separation of space between the users and hence the creation of more intimate atmosphere. The additional parts are placed in the cracks of the main seat and the modules can be freely combined. The seat is also accompanied by cushions that add comfort and cosiness. High-quality, stain-resistant and hypoallergenic fabrics and oakwood elements were used in the project. The modern and light character of the seat was achieved with the help of regular quilting of the upholstery. The seat can be placed in a hotel or museum lobby or an airport waiting hall.