Modern Nomads


Wool is a traditional and natural material whose potential is not fully appreciated nowadays. The modern user will certainly value this durable, high-quality fabric that will prove useful in many different conditions. Due to its qualities and beauty, wool may make a comeback reminding us of the times when it was the basic material used for producing clothing and other items.

We designed our woollen bags and accessories to be useful for modern nomads – people leading a mobile lifestyle. Our potential users love travelling, living in different locations, making new friends, exploring and discovering new things. Their lifestyle draws its inspiration from shepherds, for whom living on the move and the feeling of freedom have always constituted the highest values. That is why we decided to create products that will respond to the needs of these “modern shepherds”. The liberty to co-create and adapt the final shape of the product to individual needs makes it particularly appealing to our audience. Bags with a detachable pouch or rucksacks that can double as a handbag are our responses to the modern use of wool.

The bags were created in cooperation with HiMountain.