Łódź Cultural Centre

Łódź Cultural Center


Marta Żmija, Magdalena Szklarczyk-Kominko

Bite of me

Łódzki Pasaż Kultury is located in the inner courtyard of the modernist building of the Łódź Cultural Center. The two corridors converging to the patio have so far been empty and not inviting to visit. The aim of the project is to invite the Łódź citizens to take advantage of the wide cultural offer that ŁDK offers.

The exhibition space, located on steel structures, and the wooden terrace encourage to spend time outdoors. On the steel structures attached to the corridors, there are LED strips illuminating the exhibition. The structure is finished with colored glass panels. The materials have been inspired by the historic architectural details of the building. Panels are modular and replacable, so the space can be adapted to the arrangement of each subsequent exhibition. The first exhibition presented in the passage is the history of the fate of ŁDK. Details of the facade, such as neon or coffer, have been recreated according to historical drawings and photos. In the patio area there is a screen for watching movies. Viewers can sit comfortably among the greenery of the wooden terrace.