Fragile Art

Muzeum Wsi Opolskiej w Opolu


Marta Żmija, Oliwia Michniewska, Marta Milej

Bite of me

Permanent exhibition “Fragile Art. From anegg to kroszonka" concerns the history and tradition of decorating eggs with engraving techniques in the Opole region.

In the central part of the exhibition there is a beech wood cabinet with the most valuable kroszonki from the collection of the
Opole Museum of Rural Architecture.

The exhibition presents a historical outline of the Kroszonka traditions. Not only historical issues, photos, but also infographics are presented - the illustrations explain how to choose the best egg to decorate, how to dye it and how to fix the color. The exhibition introduces, step by step, the technique of decorating eggs with the engraving method in a way that is accessible to all age groups, as well as to people with disabilities.

Part of the exhibition is an instructional video featuring a local artist. The instruction is translated into sign language. Additionally, there are captions synchronized with the image for people who do not know sign language.

At the entrance to the exhibition, there is a typhlographic of a kroszonka with a description in Braille of individual elements of egg decors. The template is also prepared in a visual form. For blind people, audio description is prepared in Polish, English and sign language. You can download the application yourself on your smartphone or use tablets available at the museum.

There are applications prepared for the youngest visitors - thanks to which you can arrange one of the Kroszonka patterns yourself - adjust it to the highlighted elements of the egg or check the knowledge gained during the exhibition visit thanks to a quiz.