Design32 Relations

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Katowicach


Anna Dudziak

Agata Korzeńska IDEE, Marta Żmija

The review of this year's master's degree diplomas of Academy of Fine Arts. Searching for the balance between the virtual world and reality, professional and private life, past and present. Many of the works deal with the subject of relations with other people, one's own body and nature.
Relations are the slogan the key of this year's edition. This word is taken literally as a relationship between people and the external environment, and also occurs in the context of explaining, translating,
reports on topics and concepts. The exhibition has been divided into five sections that create distinct ones
thematic areas. The first category includes works devoted to interpersonal relations projects that define the essence of family bonds with neighbors. Moreover, these projects refer to communication barriers and the entanglement of the 21st century man in life. The second category consists of projects that deal with the subject of health and the body
and occupational hygiene. Ergonomics and self-care are priorities according to the authors of the works that fell into this category. The third section includes works on the subject of human relations with the natural environment, animals and their role in today's world, but also in other cultural circles. Designers encourage greater awareness. The fourth category is projects relating to the identity and relationship of the past with
the present. These are works that draw on tradition, but also redefine the identity of places and products.
The last category is the space where the virtual world meets reality. Projects use technology, showing how it can be applied even more effectively.
Pantone 2020 color Classic Blue illustrates peace, harmony and balance. The colors of the exhibition are sparing - it comes down to blue, black, white and the color of wood.
The exhibition arrangement was based on five sections. Each of them was visually treated separately, treated visually, although the minimalistic nature makes the whole thing coherent and harmonious.
The elements of the rack are inspired by the Zen style, Japanese minimalist interiors and the philosophy of feng shui. For example, one of the sections is built of wooden platforms on which they are placed
objects. In another section, the works were framed with wooden frames. Some of the projects are presented against the background of colorful, minimalist blue walls.