Cracow 1900

National Museum in Cracow


Anna Kaleta, Kacper Blajer

Studio Latawiec

The exhibition "Krakow 1900" focuses on the atmosphere of the city, its inhabitants, their work, views, but most of all on art, which reflected all contemporary European artistic trends.

The exhibition is built like a newspaper, and the following chapters are devoted to other areas of life and activities of the inhabitants of Krakow at that time. The following chapters of the exhibition are devoted to the city, its bourgeois inhabitants, but also to artists and their muses, bohemians, decadents and their nightly social life, but also to such important problems as the developing politics, work and trade in Krakow, and increasingly fashionable sports; the role of sacred art and the fascination with folklore are also emphasized. The strong colors of the rooms define a clear division of topics in individual rooms. Furniture, displays and showcases inspired by 19th century interiors have been designed for the exhibition.

The visual identification of the exhibition was inspired by the characteristic layout and graphic composition of newspapers from that period, such as "Czas", "Sztuka", "Tygodnik Sporty" or "Naprzód". Stylized icons, underlines and frames have been reinterpreted. The exhibition "Krakow 1900" is accompanied by infographics with data. The exhibition has its own visual communication, thanks to which moving around the exhibition is not a problem. The element supporting the exhibition is a calendar in the form of a magazine, the content of which is artistic and historical curiosities from Krakow at that time. Visitors can therefore get to know the context in several places of the exhibition.