Boutique Patria Hostel

private investor


Radosław Kaźmierczak

It is a one-of-a-kind hostel in Silesia. In a city that fights the stigma of being filthy and all about coal, a colourful place emerged, inspired by European trends. What makes this place distinct is not only the extraordinary interiors but also the feel-at-home atmosphere and Silesian cuisine, highly appreciated by the guests. The central location makes sightseeing of Katowice easy and accessible. The hostel owners decided to work together with Silesian architects and designers which resulted in seven unusual rooms with the “Silesian soul”.

The room designed by Wzorro Design is filled with shades of copper and deep blue colours. The highlight of the room is the copper pipe installation which doubles as a wardrobe and bookshelf. Lights and furniture details have industrial and at the same time elegant character. The interior is decorated with a print by Zofia Oslislo-Piekarska showing one of Tadeusz Michejda’s modernist buildings.