Black eagle. White eagle.

The Castle Museum in Pszczyna


Anna Kaleta

Studio Latawiec

The exhibition presents the history of the land of Pszczyna in the years 1914-1922. The aim of the exhibition was to show the multidimensional nature of the political and social situation in which the inhabitants of Pszczyna and the surrounding area found themselves after the outbreak of the First World War.

The arrangement of the exhibition at the Princes' Stables involved separating the zones that marked the chronology of the presented events. The graphic design was to accentuate important events with the participation of the residents of Pszczyna and the residents of the Palace. The colors of visual identification refer to the colors of the land of Pszczyna, and graphically simplified two eagles symbolize the clash of Prussian and Polish influences. The graphic motifs were taken from archival materials. The selection of precious materials and colors in both the exhibition and the accidents emphasizes the unique and important character of the presented history.