Beskidzki Dom Zielin

Gmina Brenna


Anna Kaleta, Alicja Broda, Kacper Blajer

Films and Photos:
RedKnife Films, Mateusz Mioduszewski

The permanent exhibition in the Beskidzki Dom Zielin "Przytulia" presents the folk culture of the Beskid highlanders. The main leitmotif of the exhibition are the plants which grow in the Beskidy Mountains, which play a major role in the celebration of rituals, holidays and magical practices. These threads are an inspiration to learn about the culture, dialects, traditions and folklore of the Silesian Beskids. The exhibition is presented on eight displays in the form of infographics, texts, multimedia applications, films and photographs. The information has been divided into four sections, which are marked with a color code. The green color is assigned to the section "In health and illness", blue to "In the family home", yellow to the department "On the field and in the yard", red to "On holidays Friday and Sunday". In addition, the exhibition shows the Czech town of Bystrzyca and the river Olza, which have an assigned orange color. The substantive content has been presented in an accessible form for various groups of recipients.

Visitors can also watch films that were created specifically for the exhibition, as well as use the applications to encourage younger audiences to get acquainted with Brest culture.

The exhibition was adapted to the needs of disabled people - a map with typhlography and tablets written with Brail were prepared. All substantive content has been translated into sign language.