A mysterious blur.

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Katowicach


Anna Dudziak, Jan Dybała

Bite of Me

The illustrations by Joanna Concejo introduce the reader to the magical world of characters and landscapes, in which can be found the world from childhood. Characters, animals and motifs characteristic for the author have been drawn from the illustrations into the gallery space. Thanks to this, visitors can feel the dreamlike world of illustrations first-hand and move to it. The arrangement encourages you to discover the details of Joanna Concejo's line on your own and to interact with enlarged motifs with the image of the book heroes. At the exhibition you can, among others use a swing, look inside the book, create an illustration in the author's style or pose for a photo together with the characters from the illustration. Multimedia installations also encourage interaction. In the gallery space you can see the original editions of books with drawings by Joanna Concejo.