A Battle That Never Happened.

Muzeum Krakowa


Marta Żmija, Oliwia Michniewska, Magdalena Szklarczyk-Kominko

Studio Latawiec

The exhibition "The Battle That Was Not" is the story of the last days of peace, but above all about the first events of World War II in Krakow. Archival material – the photos, data and documents is the story of defending the integrity of Polish lands. In the six segments we can find answers to questions about the atmosphere that prevailed in the city, objects of strategic importance in defense and staff decisions.

In the cener of the exhibition is the room of General Antoni Szylling. The mysterious study room, to which only selected ones had access, hides the main "hero" of the exhibition – the machine juz. It was the messenger that the military staff used to exchange information on the state and military resources on the front. The objects in the room are hidden behind Venetian glass. Infographics and objects accompanying the exhibition illustrate the events of those days in an illustrative way.  

The subdued colors of the exhibition force the viewer to focus on the substantive content. The arrangement used mass-colored MDFs, on which information, texts and photos were printed directly. Various substantive threads were placed on separate layers of the timeline – according to which visitors pass from one segment to another.